How I work

You need something translated, and you’ve chosen me to do it. Great!

Here’s a short overview of how it works:

1. Please submit your text, content or project through the quote form or by email (on the right), preferably in an editable format, such as Word or HTML. A small fee applies to non-editable formats, such as PDF, as they require additional formatting. If you have any reference material, previous translations, translation memories or additional useful information, please submit them as well. If you would like the final translation to be checked by another pair of eyes, you may also request the services of a proofreader or editor from my network of language professionals.

2. I will analyse your text and offer you a quote. Repetitions in your texts or project are taken into account as well.

3. When you accept the quote, I will start translating. I will be using specialised translation software, which is equipped with many useful features, such as a translation memory, quality control and lay-out checks.

4. If you requested so earlier, the translation will be checked by a proofreader or editor. Then, the final translation will be delivered to you.

What happens if I am dissatisfied with the translation or parts of the translation?

I enjoy delivering quality translations – but translating is a team effort. It is vital for me to know the context of your project, your audience and your linguistic preferences. I will always let you know what information I need to deliver the best possible translation and which solutions there are available, but your input is key.

If you are dissatisfied with the translation, you may ask for a revision. The first revision is always free, whatever the reason. In addition, I will always correct true errors (spelling errors, typos, etc.) for free, even after the first revision. When asking for a revision, especially for stylistic reasons, please provide detailed feedback.